Friday, April 22, 2011

Firewater Friday - I dripped it carelessly. Ah! I didn't know, I held opportunity

When I was a little kid, eating ice cream was more than a special treat . . . it was a rarity.   Not because my parents were fruity-tootie   crunchy-granola health nuts or any of that nonsense . . . it’s because yours truly could not consume an ice cream cone without the majority of it ending up smeared all over my face, dripping down my arms and inevitably winding up all over my clothes.    I’d get all excited and as goofy as a deadfallen jaybird (1). I licking lick made and slurping away and the next thing you know I was a big ol’ mess . . . but as cute as a betsy-bug!  It must have made my mother madder than a peach-orchard boar (1)!

This could NOT have been an isolated incident . . . I find it highly improbably that I was a prodigal ice-cream dripper extraordinaire!  Really!  

A little research vindicates me . . . or the little kid that I used to be.  There are lots and lots of inventions that’s sole purpose it to prevent melty ice cream cones from making a big mess.

Check it out . . . 

This one is simple in design and yet, conceivably, effective.  Although, what's to prevent the liquidated ice cream from dripping over the edges?  Perhaps this is for the more advance user?

This doesn't look like anything more than a vacuum cleaner bag with the ring cut off . . . I hope it's from an unused bag!  Ugh.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere . . . this one not only holds the cone but captures the drippy goodness.  Not only is a mess prevented but you can savor the flavor after all the melting is said and done!  Sweet!

This is more my style . . . a high tech ice cream licking device.  Not only does it hold the cone and capture melted ice-cream but it spins the cone for you . . . less work and more enjoyment.  Jolly good!

(1) When fruit falls to the ground it is usually already over ripe.  The very sweet fruit comes in contact with all the 'wild' yeasts present on the ground begins to ferment very quickly.  This process continues until virtually all the fruit has finished fermenting.   Animals happen along and eat these intoxicating noms and get ‘goofy as a deadfallen jaybird’ and ‘madder than a peach-orchard boar’.


Although ice cream cones made of metal, glass or paper have been in use for centuries, the first true edible conical shaped cone for serving ice cream was created at the St. Louis Worlds Fair by Ernest Hamwi in 1904. His waffle booth was next to an ice cream vendor who ran short of dishes. Hamwi rolled a waffle to contain ice cream and the cone was born.


Frozen Banana Daiquiri

6 Oz. White Rum

2 Oz. Crème De Banane Liqueur
1 Fresh Lime, Juiced
1 Tsp. Rose's Lime Juice
2 Bananas, Peeled And Chopped
Crushed Ice
Banana Slices, For Garnish

Pour the rum, Crème de Banane liqueur, fresh lime juice, Rose's lime juice and chopped bananas into a blender and process at high speed for 15 to 20 seconds.

Add 2 cups crushed ice to and blend for an additional 30 seconds.

Transfer the drinks to glasses.  

Garnish each glass with a banana slice and serve immediately.

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