Sunday, July 18, 2010

I’m a knit wit . . . I admit it

I like to knit.  There! I said it . . .

Knitting can be mindless or complex but always fascinating.  I love to watch the colors in yarn evolve into interesting patterns, the feel of luscious wool slipping through my fingers and the simple manipulation of the needles making intricate patterns and amazing fabric.

One of the things I like best to knit is socks.  They’re fun to make, fairly quick to knit, and cozy to wear.  They also make awesome gifts . . . who wouldn't want a pair of fabulous homemade socks!

Here’s a pair of socks I recently made.  They're cuff down using two-at-time technique on cabled needles. 


The cast on for this technique is a pain in the butt but once they’re started it’s just knit knit knit . . .


This is a great book with easy to follow instructions to get you started on two-at-a-time socks or to use as a guide for experienced knitters.


Once the cuff is done, it’s time to create a fun pattern.


Turning the heel is probably the most complicated part of making the socks but not difficult to master.


After the heel and gusset are done the socks are more than halfway done!

Graft the toes and the socks are complete and ready to wear. 

Simply Scrumptious!

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