Sunday, May 27, 2012

How my garden grows . . . week two . . . happy plants and new entries.

After a week of rain, rain, rain the plants and seeds I planted last week are healthy and happy.  The green beans have sprouted, the tomatoes are growing and the zucchini plants are happy.  The peas have not sprouted due to one of two factors . . . my son planted them too deep and they are still making their way to the surface or they just haven't had time to germinate . . . I'll give them until next weekend to make an appearance before I decide what to do.

Last week I also planted some heirloom tomatoes called Mr. Stripey . . . they're doing well, too.
Today I planted 10 mounts of pickling cucumbers.  I'm looking forward to a big crop because I plan to  . . . dum dee dum . . . pickle them!

Can't wait!

I planted four variety of peppers . . . sweet bells, habaneros, jalapenos and hot Hungarian wax peppers . . . obviously, we love our hot stuff and I'm looking forward to stuffing, pickling and drying these babies!

In the midst of weeding I came across a very large and well entrenched weed.  With the help of a spade and muscle power I wrenched that sucker free . . . it wasn't a weed!  It was a carrot that over wintered.  

The garden is loaded with worms!  I couldn't be happier . . . worm casings make the best fertilizer and they aerate the soil.

Weeds . . . the bane of my garden . . . they are all over and they are entrenched with deep, long roots.  Half the time I get lucky and manage to get a good pull and end up with long roots.  It will be a long battle all summer long . . . I hope I win the war!

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