Saturday, January 22, 2011

Come on . . . do the twist!

The French Twist is a classic and elegant hairstyle that first gained popularity during the Victorian Era when sleek, shiny and healthy hair were the vogue and fashions were overall more modest and demure. 

Do you ever wind your hair up in shove a pencil in it to keep in place to get your hair out of your face?  If you can do this then you can do a French Twist. This is nothing more than a casual version of the classic style.   
If you have shoulder length hair or longer, the French twist is a simple hair-do that you can easily do yourself in minutes.  You can wear it casually or add some curly wisps for a more refined look.

Since the style is meant to be sleek and smooth, comb or brush your hair well. 

Pull your hair up into a loose ponytail with the hair framing your face in a way that you find flattering.

Hold the ponytail with your hands and start twisting. The number of turns determines how tight the twist will be.  You'll notice the bottom of the ponytail tightening against your head.

Hold your ponytail upright pointing up towards the ceiling.  Tuck the end of your ponytail into the space between your head and the beginning part of your ponytail.
As you tuck the ends of the ponytail in, you'll slowly roll your wadded-up ponytail in the direction of your twist.   I grip the seam between my ponytail and my head between my thumb and my four other fingers, and use my thumb to push the hair beneath in while rolling the hair on top in. You will feel the twist tightening against your scalp. Keep pushing and rolling your hair until it feels secure.

Use straight or bobby pins (depending on the thickness of your hair) to hold the hair in place and to demarcate the line that is created by your French twist.  Alternatively, you can use a hair comb or clip to hold your twist in place.

I may take some practice to get a the twist down just right but in the long run it will save you time.  This style doesn’t require a blowdryer, curling iron or rollers . . . for me it’s a run-out-of-the-house-because-I’m-running-late hair-do.  And you thought I was being stylish . . . ha!  Fooled you!

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