Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Brew Thursday - Samuel Smith Organic Lager and Fuller's Honey Dew

You won't find me buying anything . . . including beer . . . based solely on its organic-ness.  In my opinion, a lot of organic stuff isn't as all natural as the manufacturer would like us to believe.  Just because you're buying something that hasn't been subjected to antibiotics, hormones or pesticides doesn't mean that it's source hasn't been genetically modified . . . what's worse?  Definitions of what can be considered organic is a bit dicey.  Okay . . . I'll step down off my soap box . . . 

That being said, I decided to give a couple of organic beers a try and I did purchase them based on the their organic-ness.  Am I a hypocrite?  No . . . I did for no other reason than to earn a badge on Untapped.  April is Organic Beer Month and in order to earn this badge one must consume two organic beers . . . easy enough.  I think I can manage to choke down a beer or two.  Who says we don't need no stinkin' badges??

I chose two beers at random based only on the fact that they claim to be organic.  I chose Samuel Smith's Organic Lager and Fuller's  Organic Honeydew.

Samuel Smith Brewery is located in merry ol' England.  Although it is Yorkshire's oldest brewery  . . established in 1758 . . . it only produces the 5% of the town's beer.  I find it interesting that Samuel Smith uses water from a well that was dug over 200 years ago; they also use hand-weighed hops and an ancient strain of yeast that dates back to when the brewery first opened.

I can't really judge the Organic Lager based on it organic-ness but I can certainly judge it on its own merits.  I can't say that I've ever consumed a British made lager before.  So, I don't know if this particular lager is indicative of all English Lagers.

I very much enjoyed this one.  It is a lovely golden color with a frothy head.  It was slightly sweet with a lot of malty flavor and not at all bitter; simply a refreshing, smooth, full-bodied lager. Organic or not, I would certainly buy this beer again.  (5% ABV)

For more information go to Samuel Smith's website.

Fuller's Organic Honeydew is . . . in a few carefully chosen words . . . an incredibly divine brew.   This beer is like none I've ever had before . . . and I've drunk a lot of beer in my time.

Brewed by Fuller Smith & Turner in London England, this ale is sweet-mother-of-God good.  I'm might be willing to sacrifice a baby cow to the gods of beer for this deliciousness in a bottle.  Yeah, I liked this beer.  Can you tell?

Its flavors are an interesting blend of two ancient styles of brew . . . mead and beer.    It pours a golden color with a rapidly diminishing head.  I was immediately struck by the honey taste.  Fear not, this beer is not overly sweet but has distinctive honey flavor. . . real honest-to-goodness honey . . . followed by a mellow maltiness.  Not a hint of bitterness here.  Smooth . . . easy to drink.  Too easy . . . this is a beer I could drink all day long on a hot summer day and feel refreshed with every mouthful.  

And, for all you greenies, this is an organic beer.  So feel free to indulge while you're out there saving the world.

Unfortunately, it is not available in six packs . . . 16.9 oz singles only.  Seriously, give it a go.  I don't think you will be disappointed.  This ale is truly the nectar of the gods!   (5% ABV)

For more information go to the Fuller's website or visit them on Facebook.


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words about Samuel Smith's Organic Lager. As it is UK Soils certified, it contains 100% organic grains and hops (UK does not have the 5% exception rule that the USDA has). In addition, ALL Samuel Smith's products are certified vegan as well. Be sure to check out the other Organic Beers from the Merchant du Vin Portfolio.

  2. awesome info! zank you so much!