Monday, April 22, 2013

Homemde Trail Mix

One of the ways I save money is by making my own trail/energy mix in bulk.  I'll make a huge batch and then vacuum seal them.  The mix stays fresh until I need to refill the container I keep on the kitchen counter for snacks.

Getting the ingredients in bulk from BJ's, Costco or Amazon definitely saves money.

Easy to make and you can add whatever you like. 

My basic mix includes the following:

56 Ounce Can Mixed Nuts
10 Ounce Dried Chopped Dates
10 Ounce Craisins
10 Ounce Raisins
16 Ounce Planters Peanuts

Sometimes I'll add dried bananas, prunes, M&M's and/or chocolate chips.

I mix that all together in a gigantic mixing bowl.  Then  I divide it into equal portions and vacuum seal it with my handy-dandy food saver.  You could even vacuum seal them into small packets so you'll have personal sized packets for the go.

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