Saturday, February 19, 2011

A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.

When I’m not at home pretending to be a domestic-goddess I’m at work being a techno-nerd.  All day I am surrounded by computers and it’s my job to make sure they work.

Eventually computers poop the bed and need to be replaced.  A big concern for my company is security of the data encoded on the hard drives. 

My solution is to wipe them out with a software program specially designed for such a task.  And then I dismantle them.  Most of the components go to a business that specializes in recycling electronics.  I keep the magnets because they’re super powerful and the hard drive platters because they’re very shiny. 

Besides being sparkly they actually have a nice tonal quality. 

A fun project is to make Hard Drive Wind Chimes.  It’s really easy and you can do it any way you fancy.

To start out, you’ll need several of hard drive platters. For my wind chime, I used six 3 1/2" platters and one 5 1/4" platter. But you can use any size you have available.  I used thin nylon cord for my string. 

With my Dremel, I drilled 6 equally spaces holes around the outer perimeter of the larger platter, which I designated as my top piece.  And then drilled 4 equally spaces holes around the inner perimeter.  The holes around the outer edge are to dangle the other platters from.  The holes in the center for for the support.

Then I drilled a hole fairly close to the edge of each of the smaller platters.

To support the chimes, I used thin nylon cord.  I chose this because I could knot them tightly and then burn off the ends so they look neater.

Then I pulled the strings through the six holes on the perimeter knotted them and burned the ends.  Then I tied the other platters.  lead down to the eight other platters. The strings are anchored at the top by simple knots in the strings.


For the top support I pulled a short length of cord through each of the center holes on the larger platter.   I knotted them around a spacer from the hard drive and burned off the ends.  


That's it-- Easy Peasy!

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