Friday, October 8, 2010

Firewater Friday - Camping in Style

My husband and I love camping.  So much so that we got married outside at Selden Neck State Park, an island in the Connecticut River, and camped there on our wedding night.  The drink du jour was a concoction we call Slimgria's - named for the mixologist - basically, the drink is half Asti Spumante and half sangria.  A seriously delicious and dangerous potion . . . those babies go down so easy.

For our honeymoon we went camping.  What a camping trip that was.  It rained and rained and rained.  And, just when we didn’t think it could rain any more, it rained even harder.   For eight days this went on. My husband challenged himself to get a fire going and keep it going in a down pour.  He succeeded, but managed to get very wet in the process.  It was so dreary we would crawl out of our tent first thing in the morning and run to the cover of our dining fly wondering if it was too early to start drinking.  We played dominos and drank beer . . . this went on for three days when my husband announced that he was running out of fun. The rain stopped just in time for us to dry out our gear and head home.  It was a very memorable honeymoon trip and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Despite that damp outing we still love to camp.  Camping for us is as much about drinking and enjoying as it is about the tent and a roaring fire.

A cooler full of ice cold beer is always a good thing; especially when you’re camping.  Beer tastes so much better when you’re relaxing by a campfire reading a book or playing a game.

Permanent items in our camping gear are a bottle of tequila and grenadine.  A tequila sunrise is an easy drink to make when you’re roughing it . . . at least the way WE rough it! 

Tequila Sunrise

-           2 ounces gold tequila
-           4 ounces fresh orange juice
-           3/4 ounce grenadine

           Place ice in glass so it is half full. Add tequila followed by the fresh orange juice.
           Put a flat handled spoon into the glass. Add the grenadine quickly, allowing it run down the back side of the spoon so it sinks to the bottom of the liquid.


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